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Zuckerberg's Leadership: CEO Facebook

Research the background of Facebook's CEO and include the following information in a power point presentation:

Introduction: The CEO's name and a little about his personal background including his education and major professional experiences before assuming this current position.

Abilities, traits, and experiences that have enabled him to achieve his current leadership position.

A definition of leadership that Facebook's CEO would support. Base your definition on your research about the CEO

His preferred leadership style (delegative, autocratic, consultative or facilitative?)
- A brief summary of major successes and challenges that have contributed to his knowledge and skill as a leader.
- A brief summary where you identify, apply, and critically examine an important and relevant idea pertaining to the topic

Separate from the PowerPoint presentation:
Write a concluding set of specific recommendations for Facebook's CEO and a reflection on the lessons one will take away for his own development as a leader.

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Concluding set of recommendations:
1. Zuckerberg should develop more charisma and personal attractiveness. He has been perceived by employees to by cold and robotic. Personal attractiveness will give him more personal power needed to influence and motivate employees. ...

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