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Employment Policies and Union Environments

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Compare arbitration in a union environment with arbitration in a non-union environment. Do you think the union arbitration approach provides a fair resolution of employee grievances?

Assume that you are in charge of drafting the employer's e-mail policy that intends to permit Employer monitoring of e-mail. What points would you address in the policy?

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Arbitration in union environments is bolstered by collective bargaining agreements that provide more protection for union employees than their non-union counterparts. Union employees only have a small percentage of their grievances end in arbitration because they have many steps they can take prior to arbitration being used as a form of conflict resolution. If these steps do not resolve the conflict, union employees have the autonomy to request Mediation and Conciliation Services to resolve ...

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The employment policies and union environments are discussed. The charge of drafting the employer's email policy that intends to permit employers monitoring of email is determined.

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Details: As the human resources legal consultant contracted to provide recommendations to Elora Jean & Co., you have taken a look at the current hiring practices and determined that the company is in need of a defined Equal Employment Opportunity policy (EEO Policy). Elora Jean & Co. is growing at a very fast pace and an aggressive hiring plan has been established. You realize that a solid EEO policy must be in place to avoid employment litigation.

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