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Human Resource Management and Employee Relations

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Employee Industrial Relation

After you've read the background materials and have gained insight into the complexity of employee and industrial relations, please write a 4-5 page paper, not including cover and reference pages, in which you:
Evaluate the ways in which employee and industrial relation issues are related to strategic HRM.
The key aspects of ER/IO that your paper should cover include:
? Engaging employees
? Employee performance and documentation
? Complaint systems and whistleblowers
? Communications and trust
? Unions and management


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Employee Industrial Relation & strategic HRM

Industrial Relations

Industrial relations are an outcome of employer-employee relationship in an organization. It facilitates harmonious relationships in an organization by setting a framework for the management and the employees. It is based on mutual compromise and adjustment, for the benefit of both the parties involved. The state and the legal system also have a role to play in the maintenance of a conflict-free industrial environment (Byars & Rue, n.d.).

Engaging Employees

The main objective of industrial relations is creating good and strong relations between employers and workers. The industrial relations are planned to protect the rights of the management and labor through the development of goodwill and mutual understanding between all the groups involved in the business operations. Industrial relations completely engage the employees. Another important objective of industrial relations is to raise productivity to a higher level in an era of full employment, by lessening the tendency to high turnover and frequent absenteeism. These aspects are interrelated to strategic human resource management. Human resource management is also about strong relationships and higher productivity (Byars & Rue, n.d.).

Employees are an important participant in industrial relations. The emphasis is on wok groups, teams, the variations in their sizes, composition and the extent of specialization they impose. Provision is made for internal communication, for the structure of status and authority, and for such ancillary organizations as trade unions and employers associations. In general, managers tend to see employee relations in terms of the following activities:

Creating and maintaining motivation of employees.
Obtaining commitment from the workforce.
Establishing mutually beneficial channels of communication throughout the organization.
Achieving high efficiency.
Negotiating terms and conditions of employment with employee representatives.
Sharing decision-making with employees.
Engaging in a power structure with trade unions.
These all the activities are related to the management of human resources. ...

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The Response Addresses the Queries Posted in 1268 Words, APA References