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    Human Resource Management

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    Evaluate the ways in which employee and industrial relations are related to strategic HRM, and what an organization can do to improve both.

    The key aspects of ER/IR that your paper should cover include:

    Engaging employees
    Employee performance and documentation
    Complaint systems and whistleblowers
    Communications and trust
    Unions and management

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    // While writing this paper, we will fling some light on the concept and importance of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) in the present era. Later, we will evaluate the ways through which, employee and industrial relations are related to SHRM and if there are any kind of problems in the organization then, how it could be resolved.//

    In today's highly spirited and globalized market place, a highly efficient and competent work force is the greatest advantage for any organization. If the workforce is highly proficient and hard working, then it enables an organization to compete with its competitors on the basis of service and product quality, technological innovation, market receptiveness, etc. If the employees are well committed for their work and are self disciplined to produce quality products then, they can do it by achieving those products at the lowest possible cost. So, it can be stated that strategic human resource management is concerned with putting together, the HRM functions with the company's overall strategy. The significant role that HRM plays in the corporation is that it formulates, as well as, executes the corporate strategy (What is Strategic Human Resource Management, 2009).

    The employee and industrial relations are related to strategic human resource management (SHRM) in one or the other way. SHRM helps in providing employees with recruitment, selection, training, development, education process and in industrial relations, it helps in developing better relations among employee and employee, employee and employer and employer and employer.

    Thus, from the above explanation, it can ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1097 words with references.