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    Prevention of Unionization

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    Four conditions favoring unionization are: 1) poor leadership, 2) lack of dignity and respect, 3) lack of communication, and 4) low wages. Can you please explain why each of these conditions might lead to unionism and discuss ways in which administration might prevent them.

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    1) poor leadership,
    Poor leadership leads to insecurity, lack of job satisfaction and assurance that the job has been done properly. Poor leadership often leads to promises not being kept and the superior being evaluated as being unfair. This leads to workers to seek "justice" and "self-confidence" from union leaders and rhetoric. This leads to trade unionization. Administration might prevent these by inculcating leadership values in supervisors and reacting to complaints against supervisors quickly and effectively, in short the company should provide leadership where a supervisor fails to do that.
    2) lack of dignity and respect: If a worker is treated with disrespect he seeks assurance and respect from the union leaders. In fact unionization preys on the worker's need for respect and dignity. If a worker is insulted and is treated like a second grade citizen by the ...