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    Decline of unions in the 1920s

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    What are the five reasons for the poor performance of unions in the 1920's? Discuss these reasons.

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    Here are five reasons for the decline of unions in the 1920's.

    Five reasons for labor unions' poor performance in the 1920's
    End of war and wartime industrial needs.
    With the end of the war, industrial needs lessened for instruments of war. With this decline in needs, the unions lost a number of employees that were part of the union. Additionally, the number of businesses that supported the war decreased and left the unions without those workers' memberships and support.

    Two recessions in the early part of the 1920s further reduced the number of people in unions as workers lost jobs ...

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    This solution discusses the five reasons for poor performance of unions in the 1920s looking at such factors like recessions and capitalism.