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Purpose of Labor Unions

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Why are labor unions formed; what is their purpose; and why has membership seen a decline in recent years?

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Labor unions were formed in order to help workers with issues that they faced in the workplace. These issues are such things as wages, safe working conditions, and reasonable working hours (Labor history and labor unions, 2007). With this being said, the purpose of the union is to represent the worker in order to help the worker obtain fair wages, fair treatment in the workplace, and better working conditions. The Union goes to bat for workers in order to maintain all of these important issues. It is because of these ...

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This is a 321 word solution that explains the purpose of labor unions. It has 2 references that tie the piece together. In addition to the purpose that labor unions serve, it covers the decline that they have faced in recent years. The solution provides a solid answer to why labor unions were formed, their purpose, and their recent decline.

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Labor Unions: Purpose and Decline in Recent Years

The solution questions:

Why are labor unions formed?
What is their purpose?
Why has membership seen a decline in recent years?

Certain industries, such as public safety, government (postal carriers) and engineers, are often represented by unions. The membership elects a Board that engages the organization's management in negotiating hours, wages and working conditions for all members. Declines in unions, in recent years, may be attributable to increasing union dues that members must pay and the struggling economy. Workers do not want payroll deductions for dues and organizations can often find "cheaper" labor outside of union employment.

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