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Labor Unions: Purpose and Decline in Recent Years

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Why are labor unions formed?
What is their purpose?
Why has membership seen a decline in recent years?

Certain industries, such as public safety, government (postal carriers) and engineers, are often represented by unions. The membership elects a Board that engages the organization's management in negotiating hours, wages and working conditions for all members. Declines in unions, in recent years, may be attributable to increasing union dues that members must pay and the struggling economy. Workers do not want payroll deductions for dues and organizations can often find "cheaper" labor outside of union employment.

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Labor unions are formed to represent hours, wages and working conditions for a group of employees with similar positions. Labor unions are popular in public service (Firefighters, Police Officers, Correctional Officers, Court Security Officers, Mail Carriers, etc.) and also engineering or machinist fields (aerospace workers such as Boeing). Labor unions represent its members to ensure all are treated equally. Police Officers doing the same job, for the same ...

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This solution is about 300 words and thoroughly addresses why unions are formed, their purpose (collective bargaining of hours, wages and working conditions) - along with why unions have seen a decline in recent years.

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