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    1. Labor union membership dropped in most nations after the 1950s. Compare and contrast the common and unique reasons in the U.S., Great Britain, Canada and Australia.

    2. Describe how the United States government attempted to suppress, then tolerate, and then support unions and why.

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    // We know that after the 1950, most of the nations in this world dropped the Labor union membership and here, in this paper, we will try to investigate the major and distinct reasons in the Great Britain, U.S., Canada and Australia. We will include in the discussion the U.S. government's attitude towards the unions. //

    Before beginning with the explanation of the topic, we should understand what the meaning of the term Labor Union is. A labor union or trade union means a group of workers who have come together for the achievement of common goals which are mostly for the protection of their employment rights, including two main areas of wages and working conditions (Devine, n. d.). The union addresses the issues of employees, taking them to the management and it results in avoiding any kind of unfair treatment to the employees. There are conditions regarding the formation of unions in a property and most unions reserve the right to have certain rules towards restricting the entry of members in the union, which may be based on the experience, skill or the occupation.

    Decline in union membership after the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 729 words with references.