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    Overcoming Stress and Burnout in the Workplace

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    Explain in detail some of the signs you would be looking for when feeling extreme stress from job burnout and what steps should be taken to overcome this condition. Do you believe continuing to work for a lengthy period of time in a job where you are not motivated is destructive not only to you, but also to others in the company? Explain your answer.

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    There are several signs that directly show work stress at levels that are unhealthy. Almost all jobs and positions come with a certain degree of stress. The levels of stress should be monitored based on the specific position or job to ensure that those levels stay in healthy ranges. Burnout is also common in many industries. The fierce work demands placed on workers combined with the monotony of day-to-day tasks can easily create burnout.

    Signs of stress and burnout include a lack of ...

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    This solution discusses stress and burnout in the workplace. Strategies for overcoming stress and burnout are discussed, and the impact of an unmotivated worker is also discussed. An APA reference is also included.