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    Job Burnout in the Workplace

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    The Director of Nursing at Smalltown General Hospital claims that several nurses are experiencing job burnout. Describe the three components of job burnout that should be evident from these nurses. Your description of each component should include an example related to nursing. Also, briefly identify two possible characteristics of nursing that might have contributed to this job burnout.

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    The job burnout experienced by nurses of Smalltown General Hospital may have been caused by factors such as experience, personality, job overload, dealing with behavior of patients and their families, among others.

    The discussions below will show the causes of nursing job burnout and the characteristics that have contributed to it.

    A study conducted by Zhu, et al (2006), found out that the medical and surgical nurses had significant greater scores of job burnout than others. The poorer educational background was correlated with lower professional efficacy. The younger nurses had stronger feeling of job burnout. The scores of job burnout changed with different personality traits. The main contributing variables to exhaustion were overload, sense of responsibility, role insufficient and self-. The main contributing variables to cynicism were role insufficiency, role boundary, sense of responsibility and self-care. The main contributing variables to professional inefficacy were role insufficiency, social support and rational/cognitive coping.

    Zhu, et al (2006) suggested that job burnout for nurses can be prevented by reducing or keeping moderate professional duties and responsibility, making clearer job descriptions, promoting leisure activities, and enhancing self-care ...

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