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Workplace Motivation and Leadership

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I need help with explaining how to motivate employees and mainatin leadership in any organization. I also need help with describing problems with absenteeism in the workplace and how to analyze leadership in encouraging employees to go to work as well as apply motivational theories to the problem. I also need help with explaining roles, power and influence that can make a difference in any organization.

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Motivating employees comes in identifying employees' motivators to begin with. There are two kinds: extrinsic versus intrinsic. Extrinsic motivators are those which are tangible, such as money, bonuses, gifts etc. These are powerful, albeit cliche, motivators and can be especially so for certain groups of employees. Intrinsic motivators are those which are less tangible, but stem more so from an employee's needs and wants. Such things as a challenging task or the desire to help people are intrinsic motivators. For the most part, many employees have intrinsic motivators, and sometimes these can be more powerful than extrinsic ones, especially if the need for extrinsic rewards like money is not as big of a factor for the employee's standard of living.

A manager then has to be able to feel out what their employees' motivators are. Do extrinsic or intrinsic motivators dominate? Encouragement to work and increase productivity comes back to the types of motivation your employees have. If extrinsic, you could, as a leader, implement certain schemes which may increase productivity via tangible rewards. For example, one could implement a wage incentive where for a certain, defined productivity goal, an employee or employees get a certain ...

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Workplace motivation and leaderships are examined. The differences in organizations are determined.

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