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Leadership Concepts

What effect(s) does the way(s) in which the leadership concept(s), principle(s), or term(s) operate(s) in the workplace you describe have on the organization? Staff morale? Productivity? Business success? Give an example to back up your assertions.

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//As per the directions, we will write about the ways in which the leadership concepts, principles, terms and operations in the workplace have their effect on the Organization and on the Staff morale. It will assist in understanding the 'Importance of Leadership Concepts' for an Organization.//

Effect of Leadership Concept and Principle on the Organization

In the eyes of employees, Leadership style is the core that affects the objectives and well-being of the organization. Effective concepts of the leadership concentrate on character and belief. The organization objectives are affected by leader's tasks, way of doing things like implementation of strategy, motivation and providing direction. Apart from this, Organizational climate has a direct association with the leadership concepts and operations. Therefore, leader behavior has huge impact on the organization climate. For example, if a leader has clarity about the goals & objectives and implements policies accordingly, he can surely bring success for the organization through his leadership concepts, principles and operations (Bass & Bernard, 1989).

Effect of ...

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