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    situational leadership in training

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    Using the link provided and the information below, write a 400 word paper that using the expectancy and reinforcement theories to explain why the employees may not be motivated to perform well in the training program. Then suggest improvements in the program so that employees are motivated to understand the material, pass the exam, and apply the material in the workplace.

    Support the paper with three scholarly sources.


    Exercise from readings Saylor OER. Organizational Behavior, v1, chapters 3, 4, 5, 6. Saylor OER: https://saylordotorg.github.io/text_organizational-behavior-v1.1/.

    Your company provides diversity training programs to ensure that employees realize the importance of working with a diverse workforce, are aware of the equal employment opportunity legislation, and are capable of addressing the challenges of working in a multicultural workforce. Participation in these programs is mandatory, and employees are required to take the training as many times as needed until they pass. The training program lasts one day and is usually conducted in a nice hotel outside the workplace. Employees are paid for the time they spend in the training program. You realize that employees are not really motivated to perform well in this program. During the training, they put in the minimum level of effort, and most participants fail the exam given at the conclusion of the training program and then have to retake the training.

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    The reason that employees aren't excelling in the training program is because they lack the necessary motivation to excel, therefore, the leader must establish the use of situational leadership to assist the employees in their pursuit for their necessary skill sets that are needed to be acquired from the training program. When utilizing this particular style of leadership, the leader can choose from four different sets of leadership priorities wherein the most appropriate set for this particular scenario is the participating and supporting style of situational ...

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