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Situational leadership model at Walmart

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I need help looking at an organization which identifies a problem the overall organization has faced. Using the situational leadership model, indicate which leadership style would be most appropriate to solve the problem and why. Indicate why the other styles would not be as effective.

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I am going to use Walmart and the low morale issue that seems to affect the employees at most levels (dependent on the person writing the articles).


Situational leadership model

Charismatic leader: This leader has many of the different needs that help employees set and realize goals while improving the overall function of the company. Walmart and the low morale issue that seems to affect the employees at most levels. There is a definite need for supporting and coaching employees at the different levels to improve functions and service.
Walmart employees are eager for jobs and for the expected returns for good work. What they receive are low wages, understaffed stores, and complaints from other employees and customers. This company needs to have leadership that is enthusiastic about the ...

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Using Walmart's low employee morale, a situational leadership model leadership style suggestion is discussed.

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