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Discussing Human Resource Management

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1. Unions often demand more benefits than they expect to win during contract negotiations. Assuming that during a recession money for benefits is very limited, what would you, as an HR representative on the negotiating team, present as a counter offer? Be specific. Think in terms of benefits that don't cost as much as healthcare or bonuses. Why would you make this proposal? In other words, why would you offer this benefit instead of others you might have considered? What arguments would you use to persuade the union to accept your offer?

2. How has globalization affected benefits offered by employers to American workers? Why?

3. What effect do you expect the new federal healthcare law will have on the benefits offered by large corporations? Will smaller employers be more positively or negatively affected by the law than large corporations?

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The expert discusses human resource management. How globalization has affected benefits offered by employers to American workers are determined.

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1. The cost of benefits is on the rise and the increase is exponential each year. The most costly benefit is healthcare. Unions focus on creating a more satisfying work environment for their employees. This includes pay, time off, working conditions, and benefits as well as other areas. There are many other benefits that could be used that are more cost effective. One of these benefits would be employee discounts. Many companies will partner with companies to offer their employees discounts if they purchase from them. For example, cell phone companies offer 5-25% off the monthly bill for contract customers from specific organizations. These discounts can be for gym memberships, cell phone service, and other organizations. These discounts do not cost anything for the company that offers them to their employees. Other benefits that could be offered that are more cost effective than healthcare or bonuses include tickets to sporting or other events, free or discounted commercial airline tickets, country ...

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