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Marketing plan

Executive Summary (A summary of the hospitals plan's highlights and objectives)

Market Analysis
Organization and Products/Services Overview
SWOT Analysis
Customers (Customer demographics and needs)

Environmental Analysis
Macro-environmental factors (how economic, sociological, technological, legal, and political factors may affect the marketing plan.)
Micro-environmental factors (how customers, competitors, distribution channels, and suppliers may affect the marketing plan.)

Marketing Goals and Strategies (A discussion of overall goals and strategies)
Marketing goals (including short-term and long-term goals)
Financial goals (including short-term and long-term goals)
Marketing mix

Monitor and Control
Implementation (A discussion of methods of executing, monitoring, and evaluating the plan.)
Contingency plan (if any)

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Dear Student,

These are only the guidelines and exemplification for how you prepare a hospital marketing plan. You can further elaborate upon the components of hospital marketing plan by expanding the SWOT Analysis, market analysis of the specific country you belong to, the customer requirements and rules and regulations of the country etc.

Develop a hospital marketing plan in the following manner:

Hospital Marketing Plan: Netra Eyecare Hospital

Executive Summary
Netra Eyecare Hospital was established in the year 2005 with a vision to eradicate all major ailments and diseases of the eyes and create a perfect vision of the people. The major objective of the hospital is to expand the chain of hospitals from 30 hospitals in the year 2010 to 50 hospitals by 2012. There will be addition of 15 advanced laser surgery equipment with German technology by 2012. The hospital aims to target a revenue of $ 15 million by 2012 from the revenues of $5 million in 2011. The profit target for the hospital is $5 million by 2012 from the present level of $2 million in 2011. The hospital will do this by bulk-buying of machines at a negotiated rate, improvement in productivity of workers and quick response to the patients.

Market ...

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The solution contains the Marketing Plan of a Hospital. It contains all elements of the marketing plan. The attachment contains the environmental threat and opportunity profile