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Business Model Comparison on Google, Apple and Microsoft

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Answer all five questions at the end of the case on page 289.
Please state each question and address them separately in your write up.
Four pages are a target length for this document (1.5 lines spaced).

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1. Compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

In analysis, the three power houses of business utilizes their stronghold to successfully creating business models that continues in strengthen market position. Try and identify the strategy in place for the stronghold that results in dominance within a particular targeted market service or product. For instance, the internet is imperative in searching for contents and accessing websites that contains information on a particular subject or product service, thus, the Google enterprise reinvents and innovate newer services to making the search more profound. As Microsoft struggles with Bing to sustaining an initial foothold in the internet search market, the business model is towards adapting to the current trends. However, the Google enterprise calls the rhythm of formality that is current or outdated pushing Microsoft to somewhat follow suit or being left behind the marketplace.

With Apple, the focus is on technology applications and reinforcing the excellence of innovation though their App store and I phone. In doing so, the final write up should reflect the creative marketing strategy and newer features than competitors to sustaining the high ticket price item accordingly. In all, the main objective is connecting the actual stronghold marketing ...

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The review into business models that sustains marketplace stronghold within the technology industry.

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