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Apple Compatibility with Microsoft

How can Apple computers create compatibility with Microsoft products?

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Can APPLE create compatibility with Microsoft products? Maybe, it has been trying...
Can MICROSOFT create compatibility with Apple products? Maybe, it has been trying...

It seems that neither company "has to" create compatibility with the other's products. Does Internet Explorer have to be compatible with Mozilla? Does Ford or GMC "have to" be compatible with Honda or Toyota. It may be possible to create compatibility with both software/hardware systems, but it does not seem to serve a purpose since each firm is individually unique. It just seems to create conflict and expense (both for the companies, its consumers, and its potentially crashing computer systems) that must merge its differences together.

An article in 2005 stated that US legislators were debating whether to force Apple's products to interoperate with Microsoft. Congress was considering a plan that would outlaw music protected by proprietary digital rights management (DRM) technology, such as Apple's FairPlay, which stops iTunes downloads being played on Microsoft digital music players and vice versa. It seems unfair for consumers, or lawmakers to force companies to make products that are compatible, that is, unless they themselves are willing to pay for the product alteration.

Some things in life should be compatible to benefit the majority of the population (i.e. types of gasoline for vehicles, food standards, etc), I guess. However, certain things in the artistic world may not need such standards or restrictions. Consider digital cameras. Companies like Canon made digital cameras on the market that work with generic SD memory cards (for saving pictures/video). However, when Sony came forth, it introduced its own memory card, which would work with no ...

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