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External Opportunities for Apple Inc.

The following are seen as external opportunities for Apple computer, Do you agree, Why? or Why not? and Please explain your answer

Creating more compatibility with Microsoft products
New complimentary (synergistic) products
Increase sales of online purchase of computers
Fine-tune their products as well as develop new products
Increase exposure in markets such as Asia

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Creating more compatibility with Microsoft products - This is a huge opportunity because the main reason why some people do not use Macs is because they are not compatible with most products that people are used to using.- an example of microsoft compatibility with Apple products can be found here- http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=534. The more products that Apple can make compatible with Microsoft products, the more of a chance they have to convert those people who do not want to give up the products that are most familiar to them.

New complimentary (synergistic) products - This is a good opportunity as well because it adds to Apple's profit margin and market share. If they can provide more products that work with products that are already popular as add-ons, it is easier to get people ...