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Complete the External Environmental Scan for Apple

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(1). Generate a bullet list of steps that could be used to develop an effective method for comparing and selecting the best strategic plan options.
(2). What should you do when you discover that a strategy favored by a senior executive turns out to be too risky? How do you handle the situation if this "ill conceived" strategy looks like it will diverge from known corporate goals?

(3) Complete the external environmental scan for Apple Company.
Perform an internal, competitive environmental scan for Apple Company.
Write a summary of no more than 1,400 words that does the following:

? Identifies and analyzes the most important external environmental factor in the remote, industry, and external operating environments

? Identifies and analyzes the most important internal strengths and weaknesses of your organization (Apple Company): Include an assessment of the organization's resources.

? Assesses the organization's competitive position and possibilities (opportunities and threats)


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The solution assists in completing the external environmental scan for Apple.

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Essentials of a Strategic Plan:

An effective organization should have prior set goals that will guide the operations of the company. The operations of an organization need to be ordered by a comprehensive strategic plan. This plan has to be tailor made to suit the company as a single entity.

The following is the list that an organization can abide by in the selection process of identifying the best strategic plan:

-Identification of the functions of the company in the market
-The establishment of guiding principles that direct the operations of the company
-Relating the proposed strategic plan to the culture of the organization
-Ensuring that the strategic plan is in line with the core value and vision of the company

It is through efficient company strategies that have been put in place that the corporate goals will be realized at the end. When the leader of the company is in support of strategy that does not align with corporate goals, guidelines should be put in place to verify that the strategy is in deed out of order. The business strategy that a company employs should create value and sustain the company competitive advantage. It would be proper to alter the proposed strategy and incorporate one that will complement the operations of the company. This will protect the organization from diverging from the corporate goals. A simplified sample of the corporate goals of the organization should be made to direct the leader on the proper path to follow. This will enable the company to stick to the stated mission and core values of the company hence the company will be able to attain the set company goals.

If I discover that the strategy that the senior executive is supporting is risky to the organization, I would handle the situation in the following manner; recommend that the entire management body revisits the corporate goals so as to ensure that any proposed business strategies are inline with goals of the organization. The effectiveness of the business strategy would then be placed into two separate entities measured to ascertain its relevance with the operations of the company.

Complete External Environmental Scan for Apple Company:

The Apple Company is a computer Product Company that was launched into the market through the collaborative efforts of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the year 1976. The Apple Corporation is aimed at reaching the diverse global community. The changes in the external environment of the company determine the decisions that the corporation will ...

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