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    Environmental Scan: Apple Inc. Trends

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    Do an environmental scan by designating the environmental force and then identifying the trends for Apple Inc. Put the scan in a template similar to the one in figure 3-2.
    Please keep as close to one page as possible.

    Section: "Trend Identified by an Environmental Scan". From Chapter 3, Scanning the Marketing Environment. Page 65.

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    Environmental Scan-Apple
    Environmental Force Trend identified by environmental scan
    Social • Advertising research foundation reveals in a study that one third of the shoppers are introduced to a product or brand or change opinions about the product brand through the social media (Sass, 2013: Jan. 23).
    • Consumer needs are becoming more divergent with value-oriented budget stretched shoppers as well as premium and luxury oriented shoppers (Conroy, 2013: n.d).
    • Nielsen research has revealed that consumers prefer purchase of brands which are known and thereby proof of concept and value for money are strong purchase motivators for the consumers (Nielsen, 2013: Jan. 23)
    Economic • Growth in consumer spending accounting for 70% of U.S economic activity will decline in 2013 with average 2% growth as compared to less than 2.5% in 2011 and projected 1.9% growth in 2012 (Reuters, 2012: Dec. 16).
    • National Association of Business Economics forecasts budget deficits shrinking to $900 million in 2013 from $1.09 trillion in 2012 which means slowdown by govt. investment and it is predicted that European debt crisis would worsen in 2013 (Reuters, 2012: Dec. 16).
    • The labor market is seen improving with an expected addition of non-farm jobs of 1,65,000 per month (Reuters, 2012: Dec. 16).
    Technological • There is an technology upgrade fatigue among society as consumers who use to upgrade the smart phones and personal computers on an average every 18.7 months in the year 2007 were upgrading every 21.1 months after ...

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