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    Apple: Problems with products

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    Hello I need help elaborating on the following problem statement. I need to include the specific problem that Apple is having and include questions in the problem statement.

    Apple is a well-established brand with distinctive and highly desirable computer products. However, for many users, Apple computers are less desirable, as they are not compatible with other operating systems. In today's business environment, common operating systems interface with many different applications, such as human resource tracking applications, supply chain, ordering and order processing, online catalogs and shopping, and inventory management, among many other programs. "The business software programs are the ones that will increase the efficiency of the business and reduce work time" (Azeem, 2011). In order for Apple to remain competitive, its products must be made compatible with other operating systems, so that products become more desirable for both personal and business users of all types.

    The aim in making computer products more compatible is to capture a larger portion of the computer market share in both personal and business computer markets, so that Apple can generate more revenues with its computer products. It may be important for a business to select products that are compatible with business partner interfaces, supplier systems, and user skills. Otherwise, automated systems cannot be used to help improve performance and efficiency of the organization (David & Greenstein, 1990). Apple has the capabilities, in terms of knowledge and skill of technical developers and designers, to design computer products that are compatible and will generate further interest among consumers. Apple computers already represent quality and reliability. Greater functionality will make them even more desirable to consumers.

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