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Reactive Attachment Disorder and Bowlby: Infancy and Toddlers

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Explain the theory and how it relates to infant and toddler development. Please aso write a short scenario that exemplifies the theory.

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As you select one of the following theories from your reading, explain the theory and then how it relates to infant and toddler development, you might hone the topic by examining Bowlby's Attachment Theory.

I interpret that Bowlby strongly argued how a baby's early social attachment between the infant and his or her caretaker is vital to promote normal social development. He insisted that babies and mothers have an innate inclination toward forming attachments. In turn, when infants receive an attached, secure base from their primary caregiver early in life, they tend to carry on those healthy developments later in life socially and emotionally as a result.

One article further discusses this theory's major premises:

van der Horst, F. P., & van der Veer, R. (2010). THE ONTOGENY OF AN IDEA: John Bowlby and Contemporaries on Mother-Child Separation. History Of Psychology, 13(1), 25-45.

The authors summarize Bowlby"... tried to explain how and why children form bonds with their parents and caregivers. The basic idea underlying his theory is that children need a loving mother or mother substitute to develop into emotionally healthy adults, and that separation experiences (even minor ones) at an early ...

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700 words of notes and references briefly summarize Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and Bowlby's theory of attachment.

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