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    Infant attachment

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    Consider the importance of early childhood attachment, the four attachment classifications, and the long-term ramifications of infant attachment.

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    The importance of early childhood attachment is vital since it impacts a child emotionally, socially, and psychologically throughout the lifespan. For example, Bowlby theories of attachment were revolutionary, as one source reveals:

    Kirkpatrick, L. A. (2012). Attachment Theory and the Evolutionary Psychology of Religion. International Journal For The Psychology Of Religion, 22(3), 231-241.

    The attachment system is critical since it is "one among many functionally domain-specific cognitive adaptations that populate our species' evolved psychological architecture" (231).

    Another source concurs:

    Stevenson-Hinde, J. (2007). Attachment theory and John Bowlby: Some reflections. Attachment & Human Development, 9(4), 337-342.

    His theories also showed an "appreciation of emotional communication as well as behavior, and his recognition of the role of the family as well as the child/caregiver dyad" (337).

    One source explains the 4 ...

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