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Attachment Styles

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Explain an attachment theory and its relationship to normal development - talk about Bowlby, Ainsworth and the strange situation. Ainsworth's classification of styles of attachments (describe each stage) and the concept of longevity of attachment styles across the lifespan. Discuss the relation that is hypothesized to exist between insecure attachment and the development of certain types of psychotherapy.

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This solution contains an explanation of attachment theory and it's relationship to human development. Over 350 words including references.

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Attachment is defined as a deep enduring and emotional bond connecting one person to another across space and time. The attachment theory provides a link between human development as well as personality and emotions. Bowdly attachment theory is based on infants and their attachment to their primary care giver. When the caregiver is attainable the infant feels secure, loved, and confident, is more likely to socialize with others and will explore their environment. However an infant that perceives their primary caregiver as unattainable is more likely to experience anxiety and display behaviors such as crying uncontrollably, screaming or acting out. Infants and children who grow up with an unattainable caregiver may become depressed ...

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