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    Discussion of Attachment Disorder

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    Examine Attachment Disorders in the field of counseling.

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    On Attachment Disorder

    What is attachment disorder? It is a form of mood disorder often felt or exhibited by children and individuals who have formed abnormal attachments to their primary care givers making it difficult for them to be separated from those they 'depend' upon. Socialization and the creation or conduct of other social relationships becomes problematic due to abnormal expectations and behaviors. Usually, this disorder arises under the age of three either due to neglect or abuse or abrupt separation from caregivers the subject has been extremely dependent or close to. In attachment disorder, observable and experienced are the emotional and behavioural issues of the subject, usually in childhood although attachment disorder affects adults just as well. The symptoms are not easily observable as they differ from person to person and age. As an example, toddlers usually find it difficult and intolerable to stay with or even just sit beside unfamiliar adults. Similarly, a 7 year old with attachment disorder might be overly familiar with strangers due to their need for closeness to an adult caregiver.

    There are currently 2 main approaches to mitigating attachment disorder, the first is scientific. Attachment theory identifies 2 main 'attachment disorder' - RAD or reactive attachment disorder ...

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