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    Cognitive and Behavioral Theories in Nursing Education

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    Explain why behavioral and cognitive learning theories are especially relevant to curriculum development in nursing. Give an example of each of these types of theories and explain how the theory can be used for curriculum development in practice (i.e. staff development) or nursing education

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    Cognitive learning theory states that learning is a process that takes place in the mind. It places emphasis on the capacity of the mind to carry such process as thinking, memory, knowing, and problem solving. One branch of the cognitive learning theory is called the "multimedia principle". Mayer & Moreno (1998) proposed that people learned better when words were accompanied by pictures that with words alone. From a nursing perspective, a class based on rhetoric or dictation will not accomplish as more as a class that explains ...

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    The solution includes an explanation of the concepts of behavioral and cognitive learning theories. It also gives examples of the theories and its use for curriculum development in nursing practice or education. 353 words with 4 references.