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    Media and crime statistics

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    How does the media distort crime statistics? What is the role of media in security? Should crime rates and people's perspectives of crime or fears about specific activities be a factor in assessing security needs?

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    The motto of the broadcast journalist field is "If it bleeds, it reads". As crimes become more violent in nature, the media has thrived on this. Media influence has done this for decades, however, with increased technology, such as the internet, their able to reach a wider variety of readers throughout the world. Below we'll discuss how the media directly affects crime and provide some positive and negative examples.

    The power and impact that media has on society is unsurpassed. Technology has afforded media with other outlets other than traditional print. Nevertheless, the media can sway public opinion on elections and other political platforms. There are numerous ways in which the media can impact crime such as persuasion of public opinion on the policy process, influencing trials, and even causing crime to name a few. Furthermore, the media can have positive and negative impacts on crime. A positive impact the ...

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    The expert determines how media distorts crime statistics. The role of media in security are determined.