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    Crime and the Media

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    Resource: Electronic Reserve Reading "The Extent of Crime Has Been Exaggerated by the Media" (attached)
    Reportage of certain crimes like the Columbine High School massacre accelerates moral panics, causing society to quickly adopt new crime policies (the incident at Columbine, for example, caused many schools to adopt zero-tolerance policies and stricter gun laws to be passed).
    Post your response to these questions:
    Do the media exaggerate crime and cause people to unneccessarily live in fear? On the contrary, how does media coverage of crime expedite crime policy initiatives, and do Americans react too quickly to media coverage to adopt new policies, or are reactions improved because of the speed at which social issues are reported? Explain your answer.

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    The media does exaggerate crime by misstating statistics and only reporting on one side of the story. For example, the media reported that crime was going up than 20 years ago but it failed to report that the population has grown as well. This makes something like taking a stroll in the park a ...