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    Media and Crime

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    Do the media exaggerate crime and cause people to unnecessarily live in fear? How does media coverage of crime expedite crime policy initiatives, and do Americans react too quickly to media coverage to adopt new policies, or are reactions improved because of the speed at which social issues are reported?

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    Yes, the media does exaggerate crime. For example, when BTK was on the loose. They made it out to be bigger than what it is by not telling the public all the facts. As a result, the police were not caring much about what they had to say. In fact, they ignored them, and during any crime that is huge, each of them ...

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    This solution demonstrates that media and crime are linked together, and that the consumer has to research it for themselves to find out what is true and false. Examples are given throughout in order to help the reader understand how serious of an issue this is, so that he or she can do something about it.