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    Does media glamorize crime?

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    Do you think the news and entertainment media encourages and shapes our myths by glamorizing crime? Why do people find shows such as The Sopranos, movies like The Godfather, and stories like The Client, and other crime fiction appealing? Is it possible to change the way the public views criminals? Explain why.

    Can the criminal justice system regulate the way criminals are portrayed by the media? How? Should leaders and prosecutors issue statements to the media about the suspects in this week's case before, during, or after the trial?
    Should those convicted of crime in this week's problem statement receive larger sentences if they are public figures or is the embarrassment of conviction enough? Why?

    Does the arrest of corrupt public officials undermine the system or demonstrate that it really works? Should corrupt public officials be allowed to resume legitimate careers after they serve their sentences? Do you think the politician in this week's problem statement can resurrect his image and run for political office again in the future?

    Do people justify or rationalize the behavior of criminals or do they demonize criminals based on their behavior? Are there specific crimes that are more likely to be rationalized and some more likely to be demonized? Why?
    What is the relationship between organized crime, drug trafficking, and white-collar crime? How can the realities of this relationship be accurately explained to the public?

    Is the government doing enough to solve the problem of drugs in the U.S.? Explain.

    Does political ideology impact the government response to drug trafficking, organized crime, and white-collar crime?
    Provide rationale and statistics from the real world to support your viewpoint.

    What steps would you recommend to change the existing myths and misconceptions about crimes and criminals? If you were preparing a media presentation about this case, how would you present the case in an effort to change the public's perceptions?

    Please cite references.

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    1. Do you think the news and entertainment media encourages and shapes our myths by glamorizing crime?
    Yes, media does glamorize crime.

    See: Greer, C. (2009). Crime and media: understanding the connections. Criminology, 177-203.
    Mayr, A. (2012). Chopper: From the Inside: Discourses of the 'celebrity'criminal Mark Brandon Read. Language and Literature, 21(3), 260-273.

    2. What is the appeal of Crime movies ie. mafia like the Godfather?
    Crime movies offer good entertainment as audience enjoy the drama, sexy, and illicit behaviors. Certain personalities are more drawn to drama, and illicit sexy behavior. The same psychology is a main reason why "desparate housewives", "reality shows" are popular. In psychodynamic theory, this is a channel for people to repress their own need for drama and sexy/illicit behaviors. For examples: people enjoy watching sports even the violence such as the fights in wrestling, hockey, football etc, as Sporting events are one legal and socially acceptable way to channel aggressive behavior. Only in sports ...

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