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Electronic Monitoring

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Please provide some discussion about Electronic Monitoring, such as what is used in stores, by employers and by the public. Considering these questions in the response.What common applications of electronic monitoring or surveillance equipment are there? List some examples. Does knowing that an electronic security device is in place make you feel more secure? Give an example.
Is electronic surveillance equipment an invasion of privacy? Are there any pending court cases dealing with this? Consider the trade-off between security and privacy. In what cases is one more important than the other?

Please include possible websites that could be used to assist in my developing this essay on the topic.

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With the advancement of electronics technology, great improvements have been made on how surveillance is implemented. The quality, reliability, implementation and cost of the surveillance systems right now are much improved as compared to the systems in previous years.

Depending on application, electronic surveillance comes in many forms. Some of these forms include: surveillance cameras like CCTV, telephone surveillance like wire tapping and caller ID, GPS implementation for tracking and RFID tagging for identification.

In household and business use, CCTV implementation is the most popular surveillance method due to ease of implementation, cost effective and has multiple uses like guarding the house or an establishment when away, ...

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