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Electronic Monitoring of Offenders

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I need to provide a short summary of (EM) that is electronic as a sentencing option for jugdes

1.Describe how EM works
2.Identify at least 2 of the uses of EM
3.Identify the types of offenders considered for EM
4.Discuss the pros and cons of using EM.

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What is Electronic Monitoring?

Electronic monitoring is a system used to increase effectiveness in supervising defendants who are required to abide by curfew or remain in their homes as a condition of pretrial release.

The Home Monitoring Unit is part of an electronic monitoring system designed to increase the effectiveness of supervising clients who are required to abide by curfew restrictions or stay at home as part of pretrial release. The home monitoring unit monitors a client to determine whether he/she is at home.

What is required for Electronic Monitoring in a home?

The EM specialist must verify that a private telephone line exists within the home and there are no party lines. If the telephone has call forwarding, call waiting, or caller ID., they must ...

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What is electronic monitoring, what types of offenders is it good for and how it is used?