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Draft of a "conditions of parole" policy

You have joined the parole board in Oregon in the capacity of a member. The board needs to review the case of a child sexual offender who has already served 15 years of his 25-year sentence. He has participated in all of the rehabilitation services and has been a model prisoner. The chairperson of the board has asked you to draft a list of the conditions for the parole.

Write 10 conditions that you feel the offender must follow upon release on parole. If the offender fails to follow the conditions you specify, the offender's parole will be revoked.

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These recommendations are specialized probation for sex offenders in Oregon:

(1) The defendant must adhere to curfew dictated by the board, the supervisory authority, or the probation supervising officer.

(2) The defendant is barred from any contact with individuals under the age of 18 whether electronic, telephone/cellphone, or in person unless approved in writing by the supervisory authority, the board, or probation officer.

(3) Any loitering or congregating more than once where it is known that people under the age of 18 congregate unless written approval by the supervisory authority, the board, or probation officer.

(4) Without written approval from supervisory authority, the board, or probation officer the parolee is barred ...

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This solution is a hypothetical draft for the conditions that may be established for a sexual offender who is granted parole. The conditions that he or she must follow on parole as well as the consequences for violating these conditions are outlined.