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    Criminal Justice Technology: Stun Guns & Video Surveillance

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    My assignment has to be AGAINST police using stun guns and patrol car video surveillance.

    Can you please assist with some ideas?

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

    "Pro" and "Con" For police stun guns and patrol car video surveillance, or against police stun guns and patrol car video surveillance. Write a response defending each side. Follow these additional instructions:

    Cite at least two sources.
    Discuss both stun guns and patrol car video surveillance in light of legal and ethical matters for the side you are on. (AGAINST)
    Discuss technological and societal impact.
    Argue and defend your side clearly, but be sure to address opposing viewpoints.
    Use specific examples from your sources to support your conclusions.
    Use APA format.

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    The Debate on Stun Guns

    They call the muscular disruption technology officially. In layman's term, we refer to them as tasers or stun guns. One of the law enforcement gadgets that technology continue to perfect to be 'muscularly disruptive but eventually harmless'; but when the 30,000 to 50,000 bolt taser hits the human body for the purpose of suppression, the results are not always assured as dependent upon the situation, it results to death. From 1998 to 2007, Taser International Inc. of Nevada has sold over 225K of units to law enforcement, and 125k to the private sector. How does it work?

    "The device utilizes a replaceable cartridge containing compressed nitrogen to deploy twin probes attached to the gun by wires. The probes, resembling barbed fish hooks, can travel about 35 feet and transmit electrical pulses of about 50,000 volts. The energy can penetrate up to two inches of clothing."
    Connie Paige, Boston Globe, 06.07.07

    Instantaneous result happens within seconds. Research though says that the results are long term for those tasered, hence the debate on its necessity. The use of Tasers is a department prerogative, & when they want the technology, they must be licensed. Not all States make the use of tasers mandatory & some like Massachusetts are debating its Pros & Cons. Amnesty International declares that Tasers are dangerous to people with pre-existing medical conditions. From 2001-2006, 152 deaths resulted from the use of Tasers on a person with a condition or who are on drugs & had been subjected to prolonged Taser shocks. For Law enforcement Agencies who use them though, like in Miami & Seattle, Tasers are an alternative to guns & possible violence that may result from it. Due to the use of Tasers to disrupt & control criminals & suspects, both cities enjoyed zero ...

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