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Activities information collected during a day and privacy

Consider a typical day in your life and list all the instances when your activities get recorded (e.g. cellphone records, e-mail logs).

What information is being collected about you that infringes on your privacy?

Write about your interactions with the systems and express both the positive and negative effects on you.

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Cell phone logs:

All of the people that call you or that you call are being logged. The only way to get around this type of monitoring is to use a disposable phone that can be purchased in cash. The authorities can not trace the number to an actual person but can trace the number that you call to, as long as it is not a disposable phone. Even though it is more difficult to trace a disposable phone, if you purchase the phone from a retailer, such as a Wal-Mart they may be able to see your identity by video surveillance, if the phone is traceable by a sku. This is only possible if the sku's are linked to the actual store that sold the device.

The information that is collected about you infringes on your right to privacy. The information is stored by the cell phone companies and compiled for future use if so needed. In today's international environment, if you dial a number or receive a call from a number that is on a watch list, you may have your call monitored by intelligence agencies for further analysis. Watch words or buzz words may trigger an action to have your call monitored, based on predefined words or trigger words. The reasonable expectation to privacy is no longer an option as all calls have a potential to be monitored.

The ...

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Instances when your activities are recorded during a typical day in your life are explained in-depth. Whether this information infringes on your privacy is discussed. The positives and negatives of having these activities recorded are explained.