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Opinion on the effects of state curriculum standards on education

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From your readings and experiences with standards, do you think standards will improve education, have little impact--negative or positive on education or produce generally negative results?

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Well, I've been teaching for about ten years, and I've been reading about constantly evolving standards in the United States. There are standards for the school district, the state and in some cases (like NAEP) the nation. It is not the standards as much as it is the way that they are written that is important. I believe that having national standards is a good idea; they will have a positive effect on education. However, these standards must be written in such a way that learning can occur in multiple ways. Example: If you're teaching the weather, one teacher might take a field trip to a weather monitoring center, another could have students go outside and log temperature and wind speed and yet another teacher might utilize the Internet to have students view and analyze Doppler radar. ...

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