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standards impact K-12 teaching and student learning

How do "standards" impact K-12 teaching and student learning? Please provide some specific examples.

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This is from the Georgia Department of Education Website. An APA formatted reference follows the article.

Recent examples reported by the Georgia Edpartment of Education (June 6, 2007) show that -- that Georgia's implementation of standards based curriculum is making a vast difference.
Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) have been implemented for two years and educators and administrators alike are seeing a huge increase in the percentage of passing standardized test scores in all areas.

"The CRCT results demonstrate that our teachers are getting more comfortable with our standards-based curriculum and that our students are benefiting from the rigor and the focus of the Georgia Performance Standards," State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox said.

Among the highlights:
? Of the 19 tests aligned to GPS for two years, the percentage of students passing went up on 16 of ...

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The effects of standards are considered, using research to validate.