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    Lesson Planning - Social Skills

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    While Mrs. Ford usually allows you to choose the lesson plan format you would like to use, this week she has asked you to use a specific one. Using the sample lesson plans and templates shared in Chapter 4 as a guideline and the group you are assigned to below you will create a curriculum plan.

    Group Assignment
    Lesson Plan Format
    Your Task

    Single Subject Curriculum with Nested Skills
    Create a lesson based on the story The Little Red Hen that focuses on nesting social skills. Several versions of this classic story are easily available online if you don't have access to a book. Make sure to explicitly state in your lesson plan how you will meet the needs of Johnny, Maya, Jane, Caleb, Kayla and Jack.

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    When using the Little Red Hen as a teaching plan to teach children the benefits of nesting social skills, it's vital to teach children the importance of participation in life as it is a vital part of society and social skills. To effectively teach the nesting of social skills to students, the teacher should use repetition of the Little Rd Hen and have the children participate in the assignment by using role-playing with animal puppets if available or felt board characters. The emphasis ...

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