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    Technology & Critical Thinking in Social Science Teaching

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    In need some resources (links) for the following questions:

    Why are critical thinking and study skills important to history and social science instruction?

    How could a teacher use technology in integrating history and social science with other content areas?

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    1)Critical thinking improves positive citizenship, including being an informed participant in civic affairs. The social sciences are ripe with controversial issues, and critical thinking helps students form opinions about them. Critical thinking helps students justify their beliefs, hold rational debates, understand logic and problem-solving, and identify relevant facts. It promotes creativity, provides for self-reflection, and enhances communication skills. Critical thinking skills cross disciplines, so learning critical thinking skills in social science instruction enhance education in other areas as well.

    Study skills are important in any level of instruction as well. Because so many of the social sciences provide open-ended questions, students need to be able to have the knowledge necessary to ...

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    This describes the importance of critical thinking, study skills, and technology in social science instruction, including ways to integrate it with other subjects.