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Conduct an internet search to identify a needs analysis model that is different from the one presented by the authors. Summarize the two models and describe how they are similar and how they differ.Book: effective training systems, strategies and practices 3rd edition (P Nick Blanchard, James Thacker)

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The response address the queries posted in 1105 words with references.

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The response address the queries posted in 1105 words with references.
//Prior to discussing about two models of the need analysis, we will have to first of all understand about the term training need analysis. In this part, we will also talk about primary functions performed by need analysis. So, firstly we will write about training need analysis under the heading of Introduction, for example: //

Training need analysis plays an important role in designing an effective training program. Its purpose is to find out the gap between desired and present performance level. Need Analysis can be referred to a process of assessing the existing need of training in a company. This process involves data gathering that enables the management to estimate the changes that are expected by a company (Mitchell, 1998). It is a pre step of developing and starting a training program for employees.

The primary functions performed by need analysis are examining the current practices, designing the required results and providing a base for cost justification of training. Training need arises at three levels that are organizational level, individual level and operational level. The two models of need analysis are proactive training need analysis model and reactive training need analysis model (Approaches to training need analysis, 2001).

//Above, we discussed about Training need analysis and its primary functions. Basically, it plays role in projecting an efficacious training program. As per directions, now we talk about the first model of need analysis i.e. Proactive TNA. You are free to add more in this topic, which you find suitable. I am just providing you a brief overview.//

Proactive TNA (Training Need Analysis Model)

The proactive need analysis model focuses on the future requirements of the human resource in an organization. The company should involve human resource function at the time of developing strategic plan. It enables the human resource department to make sure that whether its employees are having the expected KSAs (knowledge, skills & abilities) for the present and future job requirements. For the development of KSAs, the human resource department should prepare the employee for changing their present jobs as well as they should be prepared for getting promoted or transferred to different jobs (Blanchard & Thacker, 2006).

A proactive procedure that is quite effective and used ...

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