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    Brick & Mortar Vs Website: Supply Chain

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    Describe the supply chain for the business (Walmart-Sears-K-mart) when in a "brick and mortar" environment. Explain how the supply chain was modified from "brick and mortar" by the Web sites.

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    //Before scripting about the Problems in 'Supply Chain Management' in brick and mortar environment; first, we should understand the supply change management and brick & mortar environment. So, firstly we will write about it under the heading of supply chain management. Then, we will notice the problems that the supply chain management faces in brick and mortar environment.

    Supply chain management

    Logistics is the process of getting products and services where they are required and when they are desired. Delivery of goods and services from those who produce them to those who want them has been taking place since the beginning of civilization. However, as the modern day customer expects products to be available at all the times and with maximum freshness, the companies need to ensure that their logistics processes match the highest standards. Supply chain management has become a crucial function of an organization in the brick and mortar environment (Taylor, 1996).

    Problems in supply chain management in brick and mortar environment

    Supply chain management includes planning and execution of all the activities which are required ...

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