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    Advantages of Student Tracking

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    What are the advantages of student tracking?

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    Advantages of Student Tracking

    Student tracking is simply going back to a student's past record, experiences, and performance. It may be of various forms - academic, demographic, social, psychological, among others.

    The following are among the advantages of student tracking:
    1. To help explain current behaviour. Tracking may explain why a student is behaving in a particular manner. Past successes and frustrations of students may explain their current motivations and lack of motivations.

    2. It will ...

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    This post answers the question on some basic advantages of student tracking. Tracking a student's past performances, successes, failures, demographics, and sociographics may help: a) explain current behavior, b) identify effective and ineffective teaching strategies, c) determine student potential to learn, d) provide basis for classroom management ( e.g. grouping students, seat plan, etc.). A reference is provided to better aid in the understanding of the question.