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Tracking and its link to racial, ethnic, and social class differences

Describe why tracking is frequently linked with racial, ethnic, and social class differences. If tracking does not work, why is it still in place? What are alternatives to tracking?

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In terms of race, ethnicity and socio-economic differences, I think that today there may be an unconscious association low socio-economic status and low potential to achieve academically. This is all too often tied to the fact that certain racial and ethnic populations may fall more largely into the lower socio-economic classes because the parents have never had access to the educational or economic opportunities that would raise the students economic status. Sadly, it is a vicious and persistent cycle. Tracking perpetuates the cycle because so many of these students get tracked into classes where the teachers themselves have low expectation for student success. For the rare high achieving student who is ethnically different or from a low socio-economic class and who breaks the cycle, the teachers get feel a sense of self satisfaction for their ...

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Tracking ramifications are noted.