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    tracking or ability grouping program

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    Can a tracking or ability grouping program avoid segregating children by race and ethnicity? Look at this issue from every vantage point. What about good students versus struggling students? How does this impact everyone involved?

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    As a teacher for over 13 years, I feel that tracking or ability grouping program does not avoid segregating children by race and ethnicity. I currently have2 sections of lower level classes where almost all kids are ELL or ESL (English Language Learners or English as Second Language Learners), Hispanic, Native American, or Black. In contract, the tracking of my honors class is almost all white and Asian. Since this trend has persisted for 8 years within tracking, I think that it actually promotes segregation. How do you feel?

    For me, I oppose tracking since I think that good students should ...

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    Realities of tracking or ability grouping programs are briefly overviewed.