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    Ability Grouping Within the Classroom

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    Students are at different levels in their abilities in reading and math. Ability grouping has been a trend for awhile. This is where students are placed in groups with students at their same ability level. Your topic is "Ability Grouping in the classroom."
    give an Overview of the issue

    o discuss Description of the stakeholders

    o discuss 2-3 arguments supporting the issue or trend

    o discuss 2-3 arguments opposing the issue or trend

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    By default, stakeholders can mean a number of people involved within the classroom setting. It can be the students, their parents, the teachers and the administrators. For intents and purposes of this paper, I am going give descriptions of each group and allow you to decide which is best for you.

    Students: These are the ones that have most control over whether or not ability grouping will succeed or fail within the classroom. They may feel more comfortable in groups of students that have similar abilities and therefore may learn at a better pace that is tailored to their needs.

    Teachers: The assumption is that ability grouping allows the teacher (1) to increase the pace and raise the level of instruction for high achievers, and (2) to provide ...

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    Pros of ability grouping within a classroom and cons of ability grouping within a classroom. References are provided.