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Socio-economic status and its implications in education

the potential impact of socioeconomic status on education in teacher expectations, student tracking, equal representation in the curriculum, and financial support for schools.

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To be sure I have addressed each area of concern, I will address each in turn.

Teacher Expectations

There is research that reports on teacher expectations in light of socio-economic status: www.education.uiowa.edu/jrel/fall04/Oh-Kim-Leyva_0410.htm
and many, many more. These suggested articles for further research are merely the listings on the first page of returned hits searching google, and do not include articles from subscription-based journal databases. What this research has to say is that a student's socio-economic status does impact teacher's expectations of their performance in class, regardless of their innate intelligence or ability. Students from more affluent families and geographic regions are expected to perform better than students from lower socio-economic level areas and families. Teachers' own socio-economic levels also influence ...

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Discauuion of socioeconomic status and its implication in education: teacher expectations, student tracking, representation in the curriculum, and financial support for schools. Web-based URL citations for further information in each section of the discussion.