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The importance of teaching effectively

Dear OTA,

I am working on a project in which I want to illustrate the the magnitude of how important it is to achieve higher education, regardless of the route of teaching (i.e. virtual-online, on campus directed study). Can you assist with explaining the imperative mature nature of the how the instructor builds student up and creates great rapport without upsetting them?.Please describe what elements must one posses before attempting to help others learn. Please use strong college verbiage. List any in-text citation or reference.

Thank you so much!

I hope you can assist.....I Thank you so much =)

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As you know, we are not allowed to do the actual writing for paper per Brain Mass policy, but I will be happy to provide some thoughts and notes of my own as well as references that you can refer to if you need a quote or two.
One of the most challenging and rewarding professions a person can choose is being an instructor/facilitator. This is because instructors are ones responsible for providing the instruction to the future generation and training them to go out into the world and make it a better place. They have the opportunity to shape their minds, build their confidence, and mold them into educated and responsible adults who will later lead us to greatness. But not everyone is cut out ...

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