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    Administration Role in Promoting Student Success

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    An important part of promoting the success for all students is managing the organization, operations, and school resources to provide a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment. What are some appropriate classroom and behavior management techniques that support this learning environment as an administrator?

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    Managing the organization: It is important to manage and organize the classroom to minimize behavior problems, which in turn can promote efficient learning and success for all students. There are a number of things that can be done in the classroom to create a positive and effective environment in which to learn. One area is student seating. Students should be seated so their attention is directed at the teacher instead of out windows or facing other students. The chalkboard, displays, screens, whiteboards, or any other device used for instruction should be unobstructed from view. If there is a high traffic area in the classroom, it should be free of obstruction to allow free movement. Teachers should be seated to where they can see all the students at all times to allow for teacher monitoring and attention. Classroom rules and expectations should be clearly marked. For young non-reading students, a poster made with pictures, and discussing what each one means, would be sufficient for posting rules. Learning materials should be of easy access for the teacher so they can easily gain access during a lesson if needed. Student work should be displayed, and students should be able to quickly find their work and know where it is they need to begin working. Students should have easy access to ...

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    Discusses the role of the administration in promoting the success of students by managing the organization, school resources, and operations.